Esteè Lauder Skin Care Routine (YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS)

Hi guys, a quick night-time blogpost; not that I have been posting frequently. I am going to aim to post once a week (sometimes it will be more) because I have revision and stupid exams and it’s just really hard to have a hobby outside of that.

So, let me tell you a quick story on how a lovely lady at the Esteè Lauder counter in Boots successfully sold me a £54 skincare set and a £30 bottle of foundation. I know. (Note to self: Get a job…Now I’m hooked I need to keep on top!)

I went into town with my Grandma who has actually been using E.L for almost double my age in years now; her skin is absolutely flawless for a 74 year old. Because it is my birthday on Monday (A DAY AFTER VALENTINES DAY PEOPLE), I decided I would go into town and get my skin matched up to a bottle of E.L’s famous Double Wear foundation as, we all know how much its raved about.

So I did. And I ended up buying a bottle.

BUT THEN. This lovely and gorgeous what looked like Arabic lady (she had amazing skin) asked me what I was doing in my skincare routine as she could see I was having a lot of breakouts on my cheeks. Normally, I would of been like ”Hell no! You can’t say that!” and would have kicked off. But it hit a place in me in which made me agree, I was breaking out a lot. For someone who hasn’t had Aunt Flo for the past 2 years (due to my injection + then pill) I couldn’t use an excuse to why I was breaking out a lot. I just was. I mean I have always washed my face at night; I have always made sure that my face is looked after but I suffer from Cystic acne in the winter and in some parts of the summer when my face gets all sweaty and icky.. And I also have a lot of red pigmentation in my skin around my cheeks. I’ve always been very insecure about this.

Anyway, I always go off topic! This lovely lady told me I should try and have a fixed skincare routine. In which, I agreed. I told her my skincare routine wasn’t really a routine it was just a when-i-can-be-arsed sort of SESSION, if you must. She laughed and pointed me to a gold shiny box…And you know I love gold shiny boxes.

In the box was as follows.

(Mini Versions)

Day Cream

Night Cream

Advanced Night Repair Serum (I COULD DIE FOR THIS STUFF)

Advanced Night Repair Mask (Haven’t tried it yet)

Eye Cream (For nighttime)

And this all cost me £54. At first I just wanted to kinda take her advice and go to a much cheaper alternative, but looking at her skin and hearing her routine using these same products, I just had to skint myself out and buy it.

So it’s the SECOND day of using these products. Heres what I do:

Nighttime routine:

I will get in the shower and use Boots N07 Foam cleanser (Its in this green bottle, its actually really nice but dries your skin out terribly if over used) I will put about 3 pumps on to my hand and make sure I really scrub all my double wear off, because IT IS double wear.                                                                                                                                               After this, I will then put on my Advanced Night Repair serum. I use 5 small pepett droplets onto my hand and rub it into the whole of my face.

I will then use the eyecream and put it under neath my eyes. I also put it on my eyelids. It stops dark circles and helps them reduce.

I will then add my night cream onto my face which is LUSH it smells so relaxing.

Twice a week, (Haven’t done it yet) I will do the 3 minute repair mask that came with the set. I’m yet to try this but it looks good!


Before I put on my makeup, I will literally splash my face with water in the morning and then I will dry and moisturise with my night cream. After that I put on NIVEA Express Hydration Primer, which was only £4.99 from Savers, as this tops up the moisture and primes my skin beautifully ready for my double wear.


So guys it has been the second day of doing this routine and I can honestly say my skin is actually improving instantly. I can see instant changes to my redness, my spots, the glow in my face is just heart warming! Also, I wasn’t so oily today I noticed. I’m usually so oily that my makeup just slips and slides on my face.

SO what would I give these products? Alltogether a 9/10 as I am yet to try the mask and I am yet to see long term results.

Do I recommend?

Guys, I know its very expensive for just a set of mini’s – but it will really start you off on your skin care routine and I know its so pricey but you can’t put a price on flawless skin. I really do hope you consider buying it as it is actually suitable for any age and any skin type. I am oily in some area’s and dry in others, but so far my skin sees to have evened out in its moisture due to this routine and I am just so happy because my makeup looks so much more flawless.

Thankyou so much for reading this post!

I’d like to say thankyou to my recent followers for following me even though there is nothing exciting on here at the moment!

I would also like to say thankyou to the lovely Arabic lady at the Estee Lauder stand that has probably changed my life altogether in terms of my skin.

Have you tried it? Any bad experiences? Let me know underneath. I love reading comments!

Beaumoox ❤





Dirty Looks Ombré REVIEW

Hi guys! Beaumoox here giving you a quick but detailed review and first impressions on DIRTY LOOKS (Now Milk + Blush) hair extensions.   
I currently have medium brown hair. It’s shoulder length on a good day, and it’s not really up to much. 

I wanted to have a change with my hair (again) but didn’t want to dye my actual hair. Although for a while I was contemplating going red🙄🙄.

I had some money saved for the Bellami Guy tang balayage extensions as I was told they blended perfectly and I wouldn’t need to dye my hair but girl for £216 British pounds I couldn’t bring myself to do it. 

I then came across Dirty looks which I believe is now called Milk and Blush? I heard they did a pretty nice ombré so I had a look. 

A week later they were in my hands. I payed £172.24 for the thickest set, 220g full head clip in extensions £129.99 with an extra quad weft £36.99 and next day delivery even on the Christmas period £5.95. They came the next day and they were AMAZING.   

In the set you get a tester piece which is great because you can actually check if it matches your hair instead of ripping open the main set and wrecking your chances of returning them if they’re not right for you. Also the tester piece is a full sized 2 clip weft. That’s good. 

The is obviously 100% real human hair, I got the 18-22” in ‘BEL AIR BABY’ in both the set and the extra quad weft. 


  • Hair was super smooth!
  • Ombré wasn’t choppy it was nicely blended and feathered for a more natural look. And a beautiful transition!
  • Bel air baby lived up to its expectations. It’s a medium/ darkish brown that fades into a dirty/honey blonde. 
  • The hair is very thick! 
  • Easily style-able I loved it. 
  • Hair stays straight and smooth. Doesn’t need to be straightened every day as it hasn’t gone wavy / frizzy from rain or after a long day. 


  • I heard about shedding. This wasn’t a major problem although the hair does shed much like any other set of extenstions you need to expect this. The shedding is not severe and the hair is still luxurious and long.
  • The hair is thick but it does not have the same thickness from top to bottom although it is thicker at the bottom then any of my last sets from other company’s. 
  • The hair being brand new annoyed me on the first day of wearing them straight. It was hard to get used to them plus it was so windy!

Overall I would give the extensions a solid 8/10 

Dirty looks, or milk and blush, you need to make them just a little thicker at the ends for the price however I love love love these extensions and I cannot wait to show them off when I get back to school!


five ways ‘coconut oil’ can save your life. (in terms of beauty, lol)

Hey guys!

So todays post – or tonight even – is going to be about COCONUT OIL (lol, how random)

Okay beauties, so basically my hair is now completely destroyed by bleach in terms of the un even lengths due to breakage, split ends, disgusting random short bits and the fact that I cant even blend extensions in properly now, because my hair looks like I ran into a pair of scissors and then got electrocuted.

Hence (posh word, i think thats how you spell it) I dyed my hair brown. I loved blonde hair but you know, my hair was just too dry and damaged! However, I will say that since dying brown with Clairol Nice and Easy Medium Brown, my hair is actually in so much better condition. OOH I am also using heat protectant now. I use V05’s heat protectant oil and its cool! I havent used it that much yet but its good to know I am no longer burning my hair as much now when I straighten it.

Anyways, so my hair was/is damaged and I read online that to fix it you need to buy all these products and I watched videos on all these well expensive hair products which promise to ”revive and restore your hair’ and ‘make your hair so much stronger and healthier’. I reckoned it up and to be honest, an adverage Youtuber’s hair care routine would have cost me well over £50, which is a no no.

THEN I  came across COCONUT OIL which is supposed to be one of the best hair care remedies to fix damaged hair and make it shiny and grown faster. Which is what i need in my life, lol. COCONUT OIL IS BAE

So after looking everywhere and being a bit pissed cause I’d have to order some off ebay and wait for it and shit instead of paying £12.99 for a small tub in Holland and Barratts, I finally found some in a Caribbean hair care shop literally in my city center and it was £2.99!

I was like yoo.

So now I am currently lying in bed with a Sainsburys bag on my hair and a head full of coconut oil.

But anyway that is reason number uno why coconut oil is amazing for you.

Reason number 2.


Do you have acne prone skin? I get breakouts on my chin and I get cystic acne there too which is very painful. Apparently, coconut oil is meant to help  soothe cystic acne AND prevent breakouts- so it basically clears up your acne. HOW AMAZING IS THAT

Reason number 3.


I use Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser and i swear by it, literally. However, having used my new tub of Coconut oil on my legs and arms, I actually seem to like this alot more. It is made to help fix broken skin and help soften your skin, so its basically a deep moisturiser. I love using it on the roughest parts of my body such as my elbows and knees, and I have seen such a difference!

Reason number 4.

Did you know that coconut oil can actually be used as a natural deodrant? I watched a video by JENeration i think thats her name on YouTube and she said coconut oil can actually be used as a deodrant – woowww. I personally wouldn’t risk that shit as I sweat like a bitch, but who knows? It might actually work for us sweaty bitches!

Reason number 5.

Coconut oil ”apparently” can be used as a natural shaving cream. Which is actually a bummer for me because I just bought some sainsburys home brand shaving foam because i needed a cheap alternative when i run out of veet – and honestly im stupid because coconut oil is actually amazing for shaving cream. Obviously I havent tried it yet, I’m trying not to waste the £2.50 I just spent on this shaving foam , but ive heard amazing reviews so girls (and guys) grab yourself a bottle of coconut oil!

So thats pretty much all I can think of right now. Theres a girl on Youtube who did a video on 30 ways coconut oil can be used so if you’re wanting to hear more then just type it into YouTube.


It can also be used like vaseline to make eyelashes and eyebrows grow ! I just rubbed some on my eyebrows in hope my over plucking remedies.

Do you have any more facts? Is there maybe a product like coconut oil you use? Comment below I’d love to hear off you! 

Until next time beauties!

Beaumoox ❤

My second set of LUSH extensions. (+hair update)

if you read my blog you will know that i purchased some LUSH extensions after finding them on ebay. Being a everyday user of extensions i need good quality, long lasting, real 100% remy hair. Which is what i got.

I purchased the Ultimate set (205g) 20″ in lightest blonde (and later dyed them to fit my ash blonde hair colour)

I dyed them 3-4 times, curled them almost everyday with no heat protectant (I KNOW!) and they have only just gone tangled and manky.

Considering i bought them February 10th this year, theyve lasted a very long time.

what i did notice was they lost their length quite a bit due to the frequent curling and became very tatty and not nice at all. However, they are still wearable. (apart from two pieces which are all matted and unfixable)

I loved these extensions so i decided to re-purchase.

Except i dyed my hair brown.

Omg, i know. ive always wanted to be blonde and finally when i was blonde i couldnt stick it.

guys my hair has snapped off so much its horrible my hair is all choppy and layered whereas i have never had layers put into my hair.

So i dyed it brown and the condition is so much better. I purchased Lush extensions again at £89.99 for the Ultimate 205g 20” in medium brown. They are sooooo nice and amazing quality. The hair is beautiful.

I really recommend that if you are a frequent extension wearer then PLEASE invest in these hair extensions. NO i am not affiliated with this company i just simply love these extensions. Also, being a user of extensions for 4 years i was sick of repurchasing extensions every 2-3 months and getting sold shit hair.

If youre on the look out for some amazing extensions that are cheaper then your bellami’s and dirty looks, type in Lush extensions into ebay or into google,

you can get a much cheaper set off there they do everything.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Recent purchases – yet to be reviewed!

so my packages have came all in one bundle today, and I love (the look) of everyone of them!

I got:

1) Mac ”Sin” (Matte)

I’ve searched this and I love it. It’s so my colour and I can’t wait to wear it with a black/brown smokey eye.

2) 2x Red cherry lashes 

These lashes are abit longer then I expected but either way I’m happy with the quality.

3) barbie phone case!

I wanted something pink and I got a barbie phone case! It’s for my iPhone 6, it fits it perfectly and its on right now I love it.
So that’s all I got for the moment but I really love everything I bought and I am so happy with the postage and everything! 
So now guys I need you to suggest me a mac lipstick. Any colours you’ve tried or seen and loved, comment below and I will go check them out!

Thanks a lot!



La Girl Matte Lipgloss Review!

Hey guys, I’m back with a review on the LA GIRL matte lipgloss. 

I purchased this lipgloss on eBay for £6.79 and I believe in America they are about $6-$8 which is pretty good. 

I wanted a red lipstick but lipstick is a pain with me. A big pain. It always bleeds or smudges across my face and it really pisses me off so lipstick is a no from me. But after having discovered the Sleek’s MATTE ME in petal, I hated the colour but loved the fact that it was long lasting and non sticky&dried quick and I at least looked like I had made a effort! 

This is the lipgloss I purchased and it is in the colour ”frisky” which is a cute bright red colour.

I love it guys, honestly. I’m not sure if you can purchase this in the UK however it is so easy to find online. I ordered this on eBay on Saturday and it arrived this morning. So I waited about 3-4 days or whatever. 

And I finished the look off with a summery bronze smokey eye 

What do I like?

The formula is fast drying and the finish is definitely a block colour matte. I love this because it’s easy to wear and the colour is f*cking immense. I’ve had it on for about 3 hours and this is the colour after one re-application 45 minutes in  

I love this. I didn’t have a lip liner that went with this so Its all abit wonky really lol.

What don’t I like?

Being a smoker(I know, tut tut) it’s hard for me to find a lipgloss / lipstick that doesn’t transfer. I’ve found a few standard lipsticks I can wear that don’t transfer as much on anything but this really does transfer if you press your lips hard enough. I like the finish but I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate having red lips, as everyone knows on my blog my boyfriend is VERY fussy about lipstick lol 


Hell yeah! I’ve already ordered 4 other colours that’s how much I love it! I wish it would dry more and not be so sticky and transfer-y 

I deffo recommend this lipgloss. Please go buy it the colours are so pigmented☺️ 

So yeah I hope you liked this review I don’t do reviews as much but I deffoo will be in the future. 

Have fun! 

Beaumoox 🌸🌺